A pure puff of white. What is it?  Appearing as a cloud on a stick, our all natural CloudSpun Sugar is just this: Pure non- GMO cane sugar with all natural or organic extracts. Our spun sugar is not the pink and blue cotton candy of hot summer fairs. No, this is a truly sweet treat for the young and old alike.  Not only that, but it comes in actual, natural flavors, not "pink" and "blue".  Because colors are not meant to be flavors.

One taste and you will journey back to your childhood-only better-because this treat is all natural, vegan, gluten free, without artificial dyes* or flavors. Pure. Simply sugar and natural flavorings.

Your order will arrive safely nestled in a 32oz Deli cup.

* some flavors such as Lemon, Lemon-Elderflower, Strawberry, & Raspberry have a slight hint of color from zest or other natural color.

CloudSpun Sugar

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