When my husband and I met, he had a side business roasting german-style almonds. He & daughter Christina continued operating the pop up while I worked full time as a research scientist/manager at Johns Hopkins and had our youngest at home. Christina continued to expand the business taking on larger events until she graduated from college and accepted a full salaried position. I worked and dreamed of a storefront, expansion of products offered, and new flavors using only natural, gluten & dairy free ingredients. I spent a year in our kitchen nights and weekends with a little hand cranked roaster working out our current offerings of delicious flavors and nut varieties. Additionally I purchased a friend's cotton candy equipment and began making & spinning naturally flavored sugars similar to her product NatureSpun. In 2016 we began roasting for Ironbirds games at Ripken Stadium and in 2017 opened our flagship location inside of Johnson's Family Pharmacy located in Aberdeen, Maryland, replacing the previous coffee shop. I needed a commercially licensed kitchen to support all of our off site venues & events and I am happy to say this has really worked out beautifully for that model and we continue to coexist in this mutually beneficial arrangement. In-store sales stagnated in 2020 during the COVOD pandemic so we tried a new retail outlet in the business Ag Incubator "The Grove" located in Street, MD. Since we couldn't produce our product on site this wasn't a viable model for us and we moved out in June of 2021. Retail hours at the Aberdeen location are not available but you can request us for events, and order online for both shipping and local pickup orders. In addition we do a limited wholesale business.