Meet your Roaster!

Tracey began roasting with her husband and family and dreamed of a confectionary where the variety of flavors and concepts would only be limited by the imagination. She also wanted everything going into her nut confections to be all natural, gluten, & dairy free. She began experimenting with flavor combinations in their home and spent the next 2 seasons roasting at Ripken Stadium during Ironbirds games. In 2017 she opened the first Brick and Mortar location in Aberdeen.

Before embarking on this most recent journey Tracey was an EMT, Hospital Corpsman, and Career Lab Technician, completing 6 years of service for the US Navy. Following an honorable discharge from active duty followed by reserve duty, she obtained her BA and MSc degrees in Biology and Molecular & Neuroscience. She worked as a bench technician and scientist for Johns Hopkins for 26 years before retiring to open the Aberdeen NutRoaster location.