About Us

Our Mission

Is to make your taste buds sing and dance!  Our select nuts are slow roasted in copper kettles using a centuries old Bavarian recipe. The tantalizing scent of cinnamon and vanilla have brought many customers to us "by their nose," and when they find us they tell us their mission became to find where that heavenly aroma was coming from. 

Once you have found us the discovery continues. Tastes of the seasons pop in your mouth when you try our blueberry flavored almonds or raspberry flavored cashews. But why stop there?  Try our apple pie spice, pumpkin pie spice, or maple pecans and see what nudges in your memory.

Next up? Try our absolutely natural and bursting with flavor spun sugar.  We have the best cotton candy around!  You can feel pretty good about this sweet snack because it contains no artificial colors or flavors. Not one!  We developed our own line of spun sugars which include flavors like Tirimisu at Tiffinay's, Bella Blueberry, Moosely Maple, Caramel with sea salt sprinke, and many more!  Your tastebuds will be tap dancing!

Our Culture

We believe in everything natural. We work with known suppliers sourcing local when we can, and live where we work, within our community, to most benefit our community. We believe small town America needs it's local businesses, and reciprocally, local businesses need their community. We support one another.

Our History

Founded by a research scientist who learned the art of the roast from her husband, TheNutRoasters is a woman/veteran- owned business operating in Aberdeen, Maryland. Our family has been roasting nuts in Maryland since 2001 and spinning sugar since 2015.  TheNutRoasters line of spun sugar was inspired by NatureSpun, an organic cotton candy company.