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Hello!  I started this blog entry loooong before COVID-19 but I'm going to hit refresh and send it out there to 'ya!  I'm Tracey, the owner of TheNutRoasters!  I am an Orthodox Christian, a Scientist by degree, a wife, mother, and I hope a good friend to those who call me friend. After 30 years of academic science I made the decision to spin my R&D and management expertise into a business venture and have spent the last two + years creating the tastiest flavored roasted nuts, spun sugar, and granola that you will find anywhere!  I really mean it!

I made the BIG decision to retire early a couple of years ago so that I could act on what was in my head and build our company upon the solid foundation of our years as a pop up german roasted nut vendor. My plan was to (1) work through new ideas and recipes, (2) establish a social and physical presence, and (3) expand beyond the german roasted sugared almonds into other more healthy and organic alternatives.  The german roasted Mandeln are still the cornerstone of the business but our many new nuts and flavor ideas have won the hearts of many of our customers. 

I'm so excited to share with you the many wonderful flavors including almonds for diabetics along with other folks on a keto diet.  My signature Gograze Granola  features organic, non-gmo Oat groats that I use a flocking mill to process just before preparing a batch of granola. It doesn't get much closer to goodness than that.  What's the benefit?  Groats include the entire grain: the cereal germ, the fiber-rich bran, and the endosperm -- they are one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat!

I also have a wonderful array of spun sugar flavors. The idea of our CloudSpun sugar came from a good friend who had several children on the Feingold diet so was looking for a sweet snack free of additives/preservatives and high fructose corn syrup and that is how her company, NatureSpun, was born. NatureSpun is no longer but Cloudspun Sugar carries on the tradition with their own spin on the original idea. 

In my next blog I'll be talking about all the wonderful health benefits of the different types of nuts, cinnamon types and benefits, along with other ingredients that go into our gluten and dairy free nut snacks.  So stop back by and I'll try to get a post out at least each month!   

Stay healthy and positive and we'll all get back to normal soon, I know it!



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